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Retreat during battle

Please change so that players who are logged into the game may not keep themselves in retreat during a war. If they are not logged in, they would be able to stay in retreat. An alternative would be to lessen the time a player can stay in retreat during a battle to 5 seconds.

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As of now the HEALTH regain time is set to 30 secs... will wait for other user feedbacks on reducing it further down. Thanks

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What is a safe zone. An opponent of mine has been there for 24 hours. It doesn't say "in retreat" it says safe zone
I believe "Safe Zone" is when they haven't logged their account for 7 days... Which is a shame because I believe at that point they also stop generating income.
First off I would like to thank dev's and the team,for getting me back into my account.well done guys keep up the good work.2nd can devs look at changing the amount of experience a player gets for been in a clan.Like more experience and the higher you are in BATTLECRY the more points you get for wins,and since dev's have added more fed's,i think that you should give out 100 gold bar's a month only if you play daily and are in a clan.can you also look at additional ground air and navy unit's,that dont cost a heep of money to buy and with great defence n attack features thank's mike...

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How about making all wars no retreat for one tournament, only for players logged onto the game. That would be a blast.
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