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Camping mode

I would like to be a camping mode. When you activated you can't attack players and players can't attack you. Because a lot of players attacks me while camping and they don't want to mob up whit me, i know 2 players who quit playing this game because of that players. <<by avoiding exploiting this mode it could pe an cooldown for it, for example one day or week>>

I think this will improve the game experience....   Thx DTM

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If u build ur account properly there is no need to camp. U sound like u would probably like a no more than three attacks in a row rule too. There are plenty of kiddie games out there maybe u should think about switching over to one of them. I'm really sick of this don't attack me cause im camping what a bunch of horsesh*t...
I agree with Jeff. Camping is stupid. If there was a camping mode, the game would be boring because I'm sure everybody would go into camping mode every time they got scared or upset.

I just think is unfair to attack someone whit no weapons equipped while ure fully equipped... And as i said, it could be a cooldown for it, so players can't exploit it ...  

How is it unfair?

It's your choice to camp or not. It's definitely not required to camp to build a higher income.

Non paying player like me should know that cash loot now increased! Also, camping should not be part of the game. Its your choice. Dont make it an excuse not to be attacked.
The rule of the game is kill or be killed....Happy Gaming Bro hahahaha

I somewhat agree with this request.  Maybe you could create an option wheras if you want to camp you can't do anything like when you are in the ER.  With the new loot rules there is no way to progress your income past a certain level.  At about 4 Billion income even a tourney legends payout will not even buy a batch of night clubs or record studios.  At level 328 even with over $10,000 in mercs and D gear I was no where near fully armed.  It would take years and years of legends payouts to make any progress whatsoever towards raising income.  At 1.4 billion income and 100 billion on hand it is looted as fast as it is earned.

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