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remove att pay increase now devs

remove att pay increase this update is not fair for all riot players so all riot players have your say now vote for to remove this pay increase...

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You can't build a strong account if you can't save your money to do it so that was a stupid idea you just said
Nobody is taking my money whine boy so why is it stupid. Learn how to build an account and you might even become a whine free gamer.Oh then you will whine about he attacked me more than three times in a attack game please devs make it stop.Sure wish I could farm u all day everyday
Hey little lady Jeff come and try it my gang name is tombstone nation my name is butterscotch come get some


Have fun trying to not get hit when lvl 250.

Even if you put every single skill point you ever got into defense and was fully geared, you wouldn't stand a chance against some people. I lose about 20% of all my income every day, from casual hits from the fight list. Many probably lose even more.

hey jeff mcdonald. im a pure income got a problem here.whining? i want that loot update gone too.come try and fight me in game lets see how you stand against my account. i built it. my account name is UKincRebel. find me.and then talk about whining.

Wow u lose a whole 20percent that means u make 80percent sure sounds like whining to me.Bet ur still upset bout having ur lunch money taken at recess.Yeah it was me ;)
And if that 20percent loss is hurting you so bad , why doncha go attack some ppl and get it back. This is still a attack game after all. Its pretty simple you lose it go take it back.
Hey devs ur so slow to reply back here as I said to you in a email what the point to have help desk when u don't reply to any one in help desk...any way you a lot of pple still want the att pay loot back how it was devs so do some think about it.....
I can't log in to my acct ...mobbed cidet....720335401...plz help me get in I just made it...this is a fustrating..I kno basics I have other...but thus won't let me go back in lvl 9 name ...Sexy Beast..plz send me email..thanks
hi brown why are message in here for it best to email devs not in your acc on fb if so open the game click on setting and find log out acc then log in to facebook log in
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