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bussinesses and new armory

There should be new armory for higher levels and bussinesses for lower levels so we are not just buying the same thing when we camp and after we camp

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The income of high lvl players might become to ridiculous

But then the lower levels ain't having to level up to get good bussinesses and the higher levels can buy better bussinesses for there level

Why would we need more businesses?

It's easy as shit to get to 1 billion. 2 billion isn't really hard neither, it just takes a bit of time. And if you're not willing to put in a bit of time, then you are not worthy of the income.

For lower levels like myself have better bussinesses for camping because im level 33 with mogul income i have to get to level 35 or higher for good bussinesses and i dont want to level to fast

Leveling is a part of the game and you shouldn't be afraid of it.

It's not meant to be possible to stay at a certain level all the time. That's why there are incentives such as better businesses and armory equipment as you get to higher levels.

Camping before you have 1 billion in income is also not very clever. You earn more than 1 billion every hour from the fight list. Just take a calculator and you will find that out. (It's possible to earn much more than that if you mix, obviously, but just as a generic statement, this is correct.)

Why don't you want to level up? The only reason I can think of is taking hit lists.

I don't take bounties anymore and i'm going for tycoon before 50 and it's to hard to level with only fifty energy and 27 stamina

I've leveled to 80 in one day and was Tycoon after 3. This was before I had bought any diamonds and before you get a filthy amount of money from fighting.

It's not hard if you are active. And being active is all that matters.

I have 37 bill but it is hard leveling because i cant beat most of the people on my fightlist

Then beat bosses and put the skill points into attack. Problem solved.

Most the players at my level are diamond players or resets with diamonds


Either way, new businesses wont help you with that at all.

I'm doing bosses but it dont level me up at all
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