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Worldwar - randomized strategy for countries

Hello, I would like to propose that the strategy of the countries in the worldwar game tab change every few hours / days, so the game becomes more variable. This way alliances have to focus on several tactics to defend or attack a country and can not just sit there loaded fully with gold units or missile units and dominate a country for days with just one strategy. Thoughts?

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This is a great idea. Maybe implement a 6 hour auto rotation of all state strategies.
Nice one

One issue with the idea is, it will result in the STRATEGY getting changed while in a war... which is unacceptable.

Another option is to change the STRATEGY at the end of each war for a STATE... but that will cause a STATE to become uninteresting for an ALLIANCE which is already holding it... since it went to a STRATEGY they can't afford... which is wrong since the STATES war starts without the holding ALLIANCE;s consent.

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