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Fix/Adjust What You Already Have

Nevermind big new features - how about you address some of the core issues within the game?? That in itself would be a new feature. Such as everyone conducting fake wars... especially in tournaments. Gangs just repeatedly farm specific 'feeder' gangs created solely for that purpose or farm specific 'friends' when required. More and more people will start doing this because everybody gets away with it! In part, I don't blame people because its very hard to get a gang war at times or find opportunities to earn tournament points. EVERYTHING is dominated by the few top level gangs... everything... deathmatches, turfs, and now seemingly operations as well - our gang is tier 2 in operations and there are now Rep 10+ gangs sitting on the ops, making that another impossible option during the next tournament. There are simply no options for low and mid level gangs. You are either in the top 10-20 gangs or you get nothing - period. Unless you create fake wars and farm, which is what people are doing. Fix and balance the core issues with the game and people will have less need to glitch and cheat their way through everything. A lot of gangs are simply starved of activity and options, especially during a tournament. You do need to address this. Adding another boss gang and increasing the frequency of being able to fight them was a good move, but obviously that doesn't help with tournaments. Would like to see a reduction from 5 to 4 or even 3 for allowing gangs to fight... this would really help new gangs to get started and allow them to at least take some actions while gathering more members - otherwise people can just get bored and leave to join an operational gang and so the new gang can never get the minimum 5 to get going.
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All around a good post, but I disagree with lowering the amount of players needed.

It's super easy to get 5 members. To get 5 good members on the other hand is pretty hard, and that's not the game's fault - you need to build strong connections with people to make that happen. Most often you will have to live with having a lowbie or maybe even 2 for a while before you can start building your troupe.

It's not something that takes 30 minutes to get right. Having a solid foundation in a gang is something that takes a lot of effort and time.

Other than that, I think you have to realize that the game is built in such a way that low tier gangs can have super high level players. Meaning that even if you restrict certain things to accommodate the mid to low tier gangs, there will always be a select few that reign supreme. The only thing that actually helps here is hard work - you can't just expect to be one of the best in something just because you restrict the absolute top from joining.

So yeah, conceptually I think you're right, there should be something to for low-mid level gangs to duke it out on and I think it should be easier finding wars in tournaments. But I don't think your particular suggestions will make much difference. 

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