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Its just a game they say

well how many times have you heard that little pathetic phrase and stop crying is another, whos crying all i'm doing is stating a fact when is agame not a game when you spend £10 or £100 or £1000 and i know that the last amount can be multiplied by at least 5 ITS A GAME played on a screen were not dot playing golf with membership and green fees so get back to reality with this game because people are getting disillusioned and peeed off with bullies that are incapeable of building a decent war acct and we know theser rejects from WW that alot of us once played till the cheaters got hold of it and ruined it and i see it happening here cos people want to compete and they cant because of costs so DEvs sort it out make it fair cos those rockets are crap they drain yer income and your buying hundreds of em to lose hundreds and gold members sit there no upkeep laughing make even for everybody  and thats it from  me fair deal for all 

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Premium units are part of any game economy and that what enables it to grow... in BATTLE CRY we tried to keep it balanced and totally optional.

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