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just a thought....

Heres a suggestion ... well a couole actually in light of the increased upkeep I think that maybe reducing the inflation on a another building to 2 percent would be a great idea, also I feel that we as players need a voice that being said you have silenced several people for complaing about in game lag now you fix it GREAT JOB DEVS. But I feel you should unsilence those who have been needlessly unsilenced also . How about adding a feature where you can add someones code off any wall.. and finally my last little thought . How about in global war .. if you lose the war ypu lose prestige points aswell and reducing what countrys ypu can attack and hold.

I like the add code idea mentioned above. Would be nice if when you hit back that it would take you back to previous screen and not your alliance's main screen. Thanks.
Would be cool to see y'all develop a civil war game north vs south..east vs west..etc..and maybe a revolutionary war game as well ..great concepts..loving BC..still new to DTM..haven't really formed opinion on it yet

If 'Use Code' is enabled on every wall, recruiting them will be too easy... which will make them less valuable since all the players can max too fast.

We are considering TOURNAMENT style global war feature... you can expect something similar in the future.

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