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Need to overhaul how the Hitlist works and tabs on whom hitlists you.

Hi Jim,

There needs to be various overhauls with how the hitlist works as the current system is not optimised.

There needs to be a separate tab where people that hitlist you appear. During tournament time, I have hundreds of notifications and when I come back online, I see people on rivals but I don't know whether they are there from hits off fight list, free hits or because they hitlist me. This would be a useful tool to have to sift out the culprits ;)

Also when a person hitlists you, they should have their health auto healed.  This is more applicable now since you have raised the number of times people can be hitlisted.  I don't mind dying, after all, its part of the game, however I notice a worrying trend. When I am camping, I never get hitlisted as people cannot afford to hitlist me, however when I am fully armed and killing people,. the penalty is I am hitlisted more as its cheap (£50,000) to hitlist me.  Also the person whom continues to spam hitlist me hides in ER the entire time.  Let's make things interesting Devs by auto healing them each time they hitlist. Having one rival hit is pointless.

Finally I think the hitlisting amount should not be tied to your income generation but more to your level. After all, you work hard to get to a high level, it makes sense to have a high bounty value always.

I appreciate if you can take onboard these suggestions to optimise how the hitlist currently works. Many thanks.  

Kindest regards,


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Auto healing when placing the bounty doesn;t make sense cos you can practically order a hit even from a hospital bed.

The issue with the RIVAL LIST showing the cos of being a rivals is that the retaliation counts goes up irrespective of the above mentioned types.. so if there is a player in RIVAL LIST with 10 hit backs, 5 hits from FIGHT LIST, 2 from FREE HIT, 3 from HIT ORDER... its too difficult to show it.

We will think about the HITLIST amount based on level etc than the cash flow..

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