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The thing is I was pretty happy with the build of my main and I was getting through all accts even the top 10 accts in BC maybe not every time but i could get through maybe 1 time in 3/4 hits but now I can't do jack shit to most them so my point being and it's no disrespect to any accts in BC either gold units or not we all build our own way but I'd like to say that myself and other acct builders are being penalised with these changes and Devs developers don't realise the impact this has caused and EH it's not the first time is it , I'm sure it won't be the last. So what im saying now is we all have to accept the so called mistake (Devs Reckon) that they had done with capt Duke on Feds, but i see it that we were building our accts to that lvl 21 fed spec and knew how hard it was gonna be to fully Arm up and anyone who was in similar position to myself didnt worry how much income you had coming in if it was poor it just took a bit longer to get maxed on the additional units. But this was not an issue it was equal to all BC players gold units or not thats an individual choice how to build and i built my acct with no gold and to ba able to beat or at least compete with accts that have bought a few of the Gold units and i respect all accts . So im asking myself why did DEVS suddenly change the playing field .what was the purpose of this change I lost over 5k units both attack and def which is alot and has now made my acct very weak and I'm unable to compete with the top accts it's trashed now. Devs made a mistake they say well , I think they have now a major one and the only reason I see that this has been done is because BC acct holders / players are not buying enough Gold . So what sparked Devs into thinking there was a problem in the first place and i didnt hear about any moans from players saying that Feds lvl 21 Duke has a slight Error miscalculation (BS)what you did hear by a large majority was cant wait to finish lvl 21 and get all them units. This problem / miscalculation was the same problem if it ever was one for every acct holder in BC. Devs say they didnt realise they had miscalculated how long has it took for them to make that statement , come on get real I wasn't born yesterday I'm probably old enough to be a parent to some of them. So if you had gold units and made the rest of the units totals up with the income units thats fine fair play. We could all work round that but now I've lost over 5k units that did allow me to compete at the top levels regardless of what type of units you carried ok I can't compete on equal terms now so I spend more money on gold to get turned over cos already the accts that are in top 20 are already taking advantage and respect to all types of builds But where were they yesterday and day before hiding out keeping out of the way and these accts wouldn't be doing that if game had been left the way it was . I was prepared to have low income at least I could compete and i see it's just become bunch of greedy Fat Cats that are forcing us all to buy Gold units and I ain't doing that on principle I started out with Muppets to build without Gold units and as a Muppet I see it as surrendering to them those both in game and the game makers I'm looking to be going back to 1st person shooters at least I know where I stand English out .

Sorry, but the fix was necessary since it will be better for the game in long term

Please explain how the destruct units work. I bought some and now they are gone. Do you lose them in battle when you hit others or when others hit you? I'm fairly new to all this and don't want to keep using money I could be using on income to purchase units that are just going to crash and burn. Thanks. Enjoying the game so far.

'Destruct Units' let you become powerful quickly cos of their low cost to arm up and high attack/defense... but a certain (low) percentage of them will be consumed every time you use them (attacking or defending)

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