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The points awarded for kills during A war

Im just highlighting the fact that being a higher level than most in BC im sure the calculated system is not quite right and the reason without moaning is that most lvl 100 acct that have completed all feds and ops can easily hit Up to say lvl 150/ 160's and win and my point is a lvl 160 warring and hits acct lvl 144 gets 8/9 points a hit so to be efficient acct scorer in the war the lvl 160 has to hit that acct 3 times in order to be effective and in my opinion I think twice is difficult to keep up during a war between two teams never mind the 3 times to there 1. So im open to any input on this matter and it does seem that when you win or lose sometimes I cant see any of the logic of how I won or lost the Battle so it may have to be revised the Formula or maybe just left so would like to hear opinions on this matter from Devs as well as acct holders
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thanks for the input... we will try to optimize it further...

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