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I want an inventory in which their should be number of items such as (1 Time boost, Either Little Cash, Special weapons ,anything etc) which we can send to each other or SPECIFIC like in My  mob,, or gang,, or family,,only. THAT'S UPTO YOU JIM..

That can be cool thing , it can give us new way to visit each other's wall. 


chem 780834564

15 people like this idea

plz like it

Its a nice idea but it'll jus be abused an people will be getting strong without putting in all the effort we had to. This has already been covered in gang banks aswell

yes it is a nice idea jim u should do it



ya , thanx jim

Yeah its great this is planned, I've jus started a third account, and now i can send all my diamond weapons and all my cash into one account. Well done people fur creating massively strong level 0's for people who cant afford diamonds. This is a stupid idea and hopefully dev looks long and hard at how to implement it without it being abused like that


One time Boosts weapons with less upkeep .

Health packet for repair without spending from bank.

I m talking about these kind of gifts man ,,,

Jim is already BIG BOSS , if he plans on it , i think he must have done full R&D on it ,,

According to you Everybody's idea is bullshit except yours man 


No need to stress your mind ,enjoy playing DT Mafia

well spoken Chem and congrats on the acceptance of your idea! LORDS FOR LIFE!!!

Thanx Boss

good idea like it

terrible idea people will just make tons of accounts and boost income to feed again more the first accounts , lets people work for income and item i think this is 80% of this game  we shouldnt have possibility to get what first players have in fews days cause exemple a high income start selling item on the webs or give it to a friends to help him no works no gain 


Jim is aware of this possibility, so he will take extra notice not to make it possible to boost people. He has already dismissed lots of ideas for this very reason, so he must have some idea of how to make it impossible to boost others.

Can jim comment then please and tell us how he's gonna do this cos i had same reservations and im curious as to how he's gonna do it
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