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More GOLD [Tournament]

My idea is that players get more gold, or get events where we can get some gold, for example: in alliance wars, alliance that wins get 25 gold, every member of winning alliance, that will make alliance wars much more useful to do and much more fun will be in it

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I need more golds as well. 830122
How about changing up the tournaments to be two day and have new and different rewards like new weapons. Maybe even a new reward for team who gets the most battle wins in seek and destroy. Maybe just think about changing things up to keep it interesting and fun.

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i want more gold for all my acct.

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Would be cool to have both a civil war game..and a revolutionary war game brought out as the way BC is awesome..and just getting started on DTM.

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Excellent. How about gold for Moms day too. :-)

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We will be introducing TOURNAMENTS In the future which should include GOLD rewards...

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Btw. my acc name is Dark Terror and future atm DragonTerror... If you played world war from storm8, then you probably know what is atm :D
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