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why is difference between diamond players and non diamond players

It's a lots of difference between diamond players n non diamond players make them equal. Give opportunities to non diamond players to beat diamond gear players

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If non diamond players could beat diamond players... why would anyone buy diamonds?

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Plus it can b done normally, u just gotta put in more work than the diamond whores! I hate that they get it all easier too but it just makes it more satisfying when you do beat them!! Just look at them as being a 100 levels infront of u, put in the work an catch em up

The match is basically "Time vs Diamond".... by investing more time in the game, a non-diamond player can be very powerful... building higher income... get SKILLS/MERC from BOSSES... get BOOSTS from ASSIGNMENTS... get GANG ARSENAL items by building a HIGH REP GANG or winning from TOURNAMENTS etc.

On a side note, many of the diamond players in DTM are VERY active... that gives them dual advantage. A diamond player who remain as much active as any non-diamond player will remain unbeatable.

I haven't logged out in 6 or 7 months... :D

How I know I full arm up?

And please don't forget that for the game to progress someone has to pay for it.  They developers quite certainly don't have an endless supply of money and just decided to use it to keep all of us happy.  The diamond players pay for all of this,  Without them we wouldn't be here discussing it.

diffrence is diamond players get away with what ever they want like bullying people out of the game. im referring to thc gang. There diamond players but hide behind behind there diamond armory constantly hitting someone over and over then telling them to leave the game. i know off five people that have stopped playing due to them. But i also know the funds from people buying diamonds go towards making the game better for us.
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