Reconnect with your friends and family over a poker table, just like old times!

What is Private Table?

You can create/join a private table and experience the fun and social side of Poker Legends.

How to Create a Private table?

You can access the Private table feature from the main lobby, In the private table option, Select 'Create Table'. > Here you can choose between the game variations (Texas Hold'em and Sit N Go) and select the variation you want to play. > Click continue to be redirected to Create Room Lobby. There you can select the Buy-In amount by converting your regular chips to Buddychips after which you can create your table.

What is BuddyChips?

Buddychips are the currency new to private tables (1 Buddychip is equal to 1 regular chip) > You can convert your existing chips to Buddychips but you can not convert your buddychips to Chips. > You can choose to convert your chips into Buddychips from the buy-in window at the private table. 

Invite friends to the Table 

You can invite friends in the following ways:

 1. You can invite your in-game buddies directly from the Private Room widget in-game.

 2. You can share/copy the invite via WhatsApp/Instagram/Text message, etc. to your friends and family to join you at your table.

 3. Also you can invite other players from their user profile, there will be a invite button in their profile.

How to Join a private table? 

> When you receive an invite from an in-game buddy, a notification will appear on top of your screen with the invitee's name and the table's name.

 >You can choose to either accept or decline the request. If you accept the request when you are currently in a game, you will be asked to leave your current room to join the private table.

 > When click on accept you will be directed to Join the private room lobby, from there you can select the Buy-In amount, and you can see all the player's names that joined this specific table. 

> You can click the join table button to play on the private table or you can also click the 'Visit table' button to spectate the room. 

> You can join a private table using an INVITE CODE also. When a friend/family member shares an invite code, all you need to do is to open the private table option from the main lobby and copy/add the 6-digit invite code in the join option and click on continue. 

What are the Host Privileges?

Being the creator/host of the table will have some privileges. 1. You can turn on an option to set that 'Any Player can invite'. If you choose to turn off that option, only you can invite other players to the table and the invite option will be disabled for other players at the table. You can find this option in the settings button on the private table widget while at the table. 2. You can also close the table. This option can be found in the setting button in private tables. Caution:- If you close the table, the table will be disbanded when the ongoing hand ends.

Will a private table contribute toward Tournament Points / User Stats?

Playing in a Private table will not be contributed towards tournament points, User stats, Piggy Bank, and Badges

 When will the Table expire? 

Table will expire when the last user leaves the private table or if the host chooses to close the table. The table will expire at the end of the ongoing hand.