World Chat

World Chat is Global Shoutbox. Players from around the world can chat here. There is an Event tab is present too, displaying live games and milestones achieved. Players can visit the tables from this tab.


There is an Update wall detailing the latest updates and additions to the game. Then a Feedback wall for the players to point out their opinions and feedback.

There will also be options to Email the Devs, HelpDesk and the games FB Page.


A player's unique Buddy Code will be displayed here. This buddy code can be shared with other player's to add them as your buddy. Buddies can gift Chips to their buddies. There is an option to Invite Friends from Facebook too. Buddies will be listed and the Gifts received will be listed too.

My Replays

My replays will have a list of recent games played by the player and also a list of the live games going on. Players can revisit the old games and also visit current tables and watch other players go at each other.

Leaderboard/Top Rankings

Currently, the Top Rankings have a Global as well as a Country-based list too. The three Ranking categories are:

  • Wins
  • Big Win
  • Level

The leaderboard can be sorted based on an All-Time basis, or a Weekly or Daily basis too.


Clicking here will let players access the FAQ page.


In this tab player's will have the option to control the sounds/notification and animated emojis. Also, there will be the options to add a third party login to the account and to secure it or to access on other devices.
We have also introduced a feature to hide the player's chip balance too.