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Latest update

Following the most recent update the game will no longer load on my phone.

Please share your current OS version & device details along with your buddy code to , we will surely check and let you know.

Where do I find my buddy code?

Buddy code is the one you can find from your profile.

If you haven't noted it down, please share the exact name & level of the account in concern.

Alos, as you're facing updated related issues, please uninstall the game > device settings > clear the app cache and data of the play store/app store > restart and reinstall the game from the store - If this doesn't fix the problem for you, please write to us mentioning your current device model & OS version details.

It'd be very much appreciated if you can attach a screenshot of the situation too.

My screen name is Bazarre and I believe I was at level15. I'm using a HTC620 running Android 4.4.4 I tried reinstalling the game but the same problem occurs. Developer's logo then nothing.

Android 4.4.4 are facing compatibility issues with the updated poker legends version and we are trying to fix it. So that, our users who're on these devices can continue to play the same way.

Meanwhile, please login to the game using via browser to get back into action.

Thank you for your patience and kind cooperation.

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No mention, if any further assistance needed - feel free to reach us on

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