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Forgotten PW

Logging in using new device but not certain of password.

Hi, please email us at with the details of the issue.


Can someone please let me know why I can't get into my game. I worked hard to reach level 24 I don't bother anyone I play and leave and I only talk to a few people if someone gets nasty during a game I just leave I don't disrespect anyone so please can I know what happen

Please email your account name and buddy code to -

Account name is HEARTBROKEN  I can't send buddy code because I can not get into the game

We have provided the response in email - please do write back there. 

My account was deactivated my name is star 962621 help me get back in thank you.

We have already requested for the buddy code and the associated details in your ticket written to us, please reply and follow the ticket.

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