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I’m not one to complain over a stupid game as I don’t play all that much anymore do to idiots before causing all kinds of trouble for by stealing my real name an using it by hacking my Facebook profile to get the information anyway I’ve got this new moron stupid newbie causing all kinds of trouble all because I tested his account to see how strong it was. He strikelists his targets that bounce off his piece of garbage all gold account when I asked why he strikelisted me he told me he does it to everyone who can’t beat him. Big deal he’s a higher level hasn’t worked his feds at all that I’d seen an he’s very disrespectful tried to order me around an when I told off the dipshit because of his mouth he strikelisted an then attacked me the harassment an bullying didn’t stop there after blocking him to my wall he decided to go on the alliance wall an make more nasty comments saying my account is owned. His damned account is 102 level moon rocks an he’s now trying to even involve others with shit he’s causing. he’s constantly harassing me a lot every time he sees on online he’s strikelisting or attacking me I can’t even play my game because of his obsession to make me reset this kid or guy needs a lesson taught to him how can anybody play with this type of behavior? This is sheer obsession an harassment leave people alone,move on. Then again keep harassing me idgaf lose your account or accounts. I’ve already shown several ppl his mouth an theyd said he’s obsessed with causing trouble. I’m thinking he’s underaged he posts his code strike lists ppl then attacks he’s taking the game to sheer harassment,cyber bullying it’s bad enough I had this long time ago an now again
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