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i think the Feds should be graded on strength of your account like.... If you're fully armed with missiles and outpost you should be able to do more damage per 5 ammo to someone that's half armed up, or has less in units/outpost/missiles. At the moment it's just graded on ammo used, sometimes when I hit it takes max 70 health off and then then next attack only 50, can you change the parameters for the maxed out accounts to do more damage per the 5 ammo?

It's a range per hit for Feds - like 5-12 damage, regardless of the current strength of the account. Reducing or increasing the damage on Feds based on current strength or armament would be discouraging to smaller players and give an advantage to larger accounts. The larger Feds are larger for a reason - a larger campaign for anyone of any size - and you still have to have the minimum units to complete the fed.
The Feds unlock as you progress thru the game.... So how will this discourage the smaller accounts to do the fed? You're point is invalid.Do you play it? You must be a huge gold user then, youve miss my point completely. If you have a maxed out account why should you do the same damage as a basic account? Everything in wars farming attacking is graded on your own account correct??? Why can't the Feds?
...because allowing more damage for Feds based on strength would be discouraging for those that are camping or have built a more defense or balanced account. My statement wasn't regarding how the Feds unlock because the units and equipment required is the same for everyone ...larger Feds require more regardless of how your account is built. Allowing some accounts to do more damage simply defeats the purpose. All it will do is make stronger accounts stronger and disallow those who might be camping and building their accounts the ability to do a fed.
Define camping??? Lmao, if you have built a defence account can you not be fully armed? If you have built a balanced account again can you not be fully armed?? Lmfao. Like I said.... The whole game strategy is built on strength of your own account the ability to win wars, fight each other, why can't the Feds be graded the same way ?? People have 130 ammo and still can't do a fed wave 10 and have to use mass amounts of gold. You're points again are invalid, and you just don't get what I am saying. Camping =building income. Not doing Feds lol
My post will appear on the forum once approved wtf lol
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