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Non-diamond mercs

Considering many people want more businesses, wouldn't it be cool to have mercs that cost regular cash and upkeep, instead of diamonds?

This means that people who have played for very long and have a really high income can become closer to the top diamond players and thus be rewarded for playing that long.

In the most practical view, it just means that after equipping your entire mob, you can get an additional mob member for 1.3 times the upkeep of the weapons+armors+vehicles or something like that.

Start out with 4 different ones, perhaps?

+10, +10
+1 weapon

100 000 upkeep

+10, +10
+1 armor

100 000 upkeep

+10, +10

+1 vehicle

100 000 upkeep

+20, +20

+1 weapon, +1 armor, +1 vehicle

200 000 upkeep

So 10 million will get you +1000, +1000 and 100 weapons, armors OR vehicles. Or it will get you +1000, +1000 and 50 weapons, armors AND vehicles.

//Formidable - DeathWish MGS

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Thats nice jim, but its not really a help to non diamond players seeing as they cant use diamonds for refills to collect them quicker
That's true Andy law. I agree with andy
Atleast they should add mercs with carying capacity only and no attck or def. Diamond players are killing us mostly with mercs. You find them using 3000weapons while you can only use 1000

So it's been 6 months... Any new thoughts about this, @Jim @Vin ?

Dont get me wrong, Mercs will increase my power as well bt i jst like fair things. The smart ones should win, not those who play longer, if that is the case the newbies will quit before they start.

Jim, Bosses aren't for non-diamonds.

First off, diamond players really don't have a problem getting them, while people without loads of diamonds to spend on refills do. I think you know how much energy you need in your pool to beat the latest 3-4 bosses. It's not something any of us have. Even if we level up in the middle of fighting the boss and get a free refill.

Mr. Shades, lvl 10 and forward: You need 467 energy in your energy pool. Does anyone in this game have 467 energy? Or even half?

No, bosses benefit diamond players more than non diamond players, not the other way around.

Cash-mercs, on the other hand, would only benefit non-diamond players, and it wouldn't really affect diamond-players at all. The mercs themselves would be slightly less beneficial than diamond mercs, so diamond players wouldn't really place buying these mercs and arming with diamond weapons before buying diamond mercs. Still, non-diamond players wouldn't really be able to fight at the same level as diamond players, even with a fully equipped merc-army.

Please reconsider. Or make bosses a good non-diamond alternative as you say they were designed to be.

Pleeeeeeeeaaasssse implement this idea. I like it.
I agree with you.chuchu boy
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