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Feature Requests (DTM) 591

Have an idea for the next big feature in the game? Please share with the developers and the rest of the community...

Posted by Vin Raz, over 4 years ago , Last Reply by Michael Robinson, 7 months ago , 45 votes
Posted by Jim, about 6 years ago , 55 votes
Posted by Keith Roberts, about 16 hours ago , Last Reply by Dirk Rehtanz, about 6 hours ago
Posted by Big Dick Vegeta, about 1 month ago , Last Reply by STE50, about 1 month ago
Posted by William, almost 2 years ago , Last Reply by Ricky Jackson, 4 months ago
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Posted by Marco Agostinho, over 5 years ago , Last Reply by Preston Whitlock, 4 months ago
Posted by I UP TOP FINNA DROP IN EAST OAK47LAND, 5 months ago
Posted by Cary Coffman, 5 months ago , Last Reply by Vin Raz, 5 months ago
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Posted by Hajwair Ahmad, almost 5 years ago , Last Reply by Danny Hopkins, 5 months ago , 2 votes
Posted by Adam Hughes, 6 months ago