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You are Restricted from writing on this feed

I can't even write on my own wall to post. I always followed the rules. I never has this problem before. Please Devs. Let me write on my own wall to post like everybody else on Downtown Mafia. I writing on my wall yesterday to post. But I can't now. Please fix this error.

I need to know why i can't post on anyone's walls i,have not done anything wrong

Please forward you Mob Code

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Devs please tell me what i,did wrong if I can't post on walls then it's time,to,quit the game i,can't get codes so after playing this,game over 2 years I may have to quit I have never had any problems with you people cheat in the game and you let them keep playing thier a gay named murder spree that goes on people's walls and calls them bad names and tell them that he will find them and Kill them in real life so please fix my account so I can post on walls and play the game thank you.....
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