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Is there a way to report people?

I attacked this guy one time about 2 days ago and since then, he's put like 40 bounties on me and won't stop. Is there a way to report people because he's being a real douche.

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J Joseph Logan Greentree why don't you just arm up brah brah if u beat him than u bully they assess back young man :) make other account names
No it is an attack based game just play the game let me do it till he gets bored or fight back

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Im Having The Same Problem Only Their Gang Has The Most Reputation
Some one keep bullieing me name on down town mafia you just got smashes he keep calling me names
So one is calling me name his user name is you just got smashes
I'm getting sick of this dude you just got smashes is saying all this
I'm having the same problem!? Help anyone
I'm having a problem w harassment in the game. A couple of players have kept harassing me and leaving bad messages calling me a bitch, etc some players are Immortal Technique, H A C K N E Y, and a few others. I don't even know these people!!! I would like their accounts banned for this type of problem. Please fix this problem asap. Thank you.
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