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Bigger Mobs

Does having a Mob Larger than  (5 X level)  helps in any way or its just a waste to have larger Mobs in thousands? i.e. for level 100 will there be any benefit of having Mob of 1000 or it will be same if i have mob of 500? 

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There is no difference.

The ones you can use are the only ones that matter, the rest are just for show.

//Formidable - DeathWish MGS

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Then why when i fight someone same level or even lower keeps Beating me, when i have 300 moB n he has 1240. Just woundering
If your the same level u bring the same amount of mobs to the fight, if they keep beating you they've either got better weapons (including one time power ups), they've stacked their skill points to defence (or attack if they're attacking you), they're bringing more mercs to the fight, or their training is all 100% an urs aint. When the fight result comes up click the more info button it might give you a better understanding

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Ok thank u.
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