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Vote: Private Messages

Would you like Private messaging in the game. 

Help us decide. Have your say.

49 people like this idea

Private messaging could have its usefulness, I can agree there. But I also agree that there are many more aspects of the game that could use some attention more so than messaging
Anyone wanting private mesages for BattleCry should just use Line App, Kik Messenger or Palringo... no need to add pm mesages in BattleCry itself.
Yes private messag would be a great idea
Private messageing is ok
I think private messages is good to get help in when you need help with players farming you. It can be helpful to your mob clan. Not only to those in your gang.

Yeah that would be a great idea

Guys I'm KBaLL aka DoPe6 RU 209 can you believe I didn't get a warning for a rule I supposedly broke? All I was doing is farming Creeper. People hate me on game.pffft it's a game dude. Role play and FIGHT.. DEVS, I SUPPORTED YOUR GAME FOR YEARS. YOU NEED TO UNBAN MY ACCOUNT. YIU AHOULD ADDRESS PEOPLE BREAKING RULES WITH A FAIR WARNING BEFORE SUSPENDING ANY ACCOUNT. I SOENT HUNDREDS ON THIS GAME. IF NOT, GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK.

Yes .

I do use kik and palringo but instead of opening another app and using more memory and data for people not on wifi it would be less of a hassle for pm in game
Yes I think private messaging would be great..
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