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Vote: Private Messages

Would you like Private messaging in the game. 

Help us decide. Have your say.

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Yeah, would be good, If you actually have something private to say that you don't want yr gang or others to see...

Private messaging could have its usefulness, I can agree there. But I also agree that there are many more aspects of the game that could use some attention more so than messaging
i wouldn't use it. think time would be better spent somewhere else
No. i would never use it.

good idea

No. Bad idea

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Yes private messag would be a great idea
Nah....that's like asking to be harassed...and bullied.  Make our message boxes permanent until we decide to delete iMobs...that would be nice.


I vote yes!!

 Private/non-private....doesn't matter...however, I would like to see our messages NOT disappear...and stay until we decide to delete them.

That would be so great!

Thanks...Happiest of Holidays to all Dev's!

Yes private messaging would be great you can talk independently to different players and gang members

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I have to say this is most likely a bad idea.  Just look at how much the game has slowed down and started lagging since we got the homepage news feed and the Casino.  It has been nothing but nonstop complaints since then.  Adding another barely used feature will most likely just slow down the game even more.  Let's skip this one for now.  Thanks.

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Yes Please Bring Private Messaging. Will make things so much easier! Please!!

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