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A bank where gang members can donate diamonds and cash to those who can't afford them. This move will benefit DN also because more diamonds will be bought

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@Formidable and @EVIL JIMMY has already stated all the reasons why it is not practical to implement this... sorry. Hope you guys like the new GANG ARSENAL feature :)

Support" War Betting" it's like this but more clever. I bet you'll understand my idea.
I for one don't want this. If implemented I would stack my alts :)
Maybe just a cash bank to help with businesses.
Dude, just support "War Betting". It explains Gang bank and much more.

Jim has already said no to this. Many times.

It will benefit some in a genuine way, but it will also be heavily abused by people with a lot of money to spend (both in-game cash and real money).

If someone can just funnel billions of cash into a lvl 1 account, that account will become a baron so fast, it's not even funny.

//Formidable - DeathWish MGS

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