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Just a test, see how it works, let me know what you think! :)

Follow the link to download a defensive gear calculator, I have only done Jammers and upwards, not including Riot Gear. If people like it I will expand it further and also include vehicles and weapons.



I've kind of made my own, a bit more elaborate, including weapons and vehicles.. Plus boss calculation and something to tell you which business is the most valuable.

Never thought about sharing it before, but I guess I'm not the only one playing this game, huh? ;)

//Formidable - DeathWish MGS


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Amended mine also, to include the top 5 weapons :)

Looks good Form, not sure where I'm supposed to input my data though dude.

I only created the one I have so you can put the number of items you plan to equip and can get an idea of the income and cost it will give you.

You've put a shed load more work into yours though, mines just a quick guide when considering a weapon/armour build.

Bingo :)

Yeah, I made it just for me, so I guess it could be confusing for people who aren't familiar with my... general autism, lol :)

In the Armory Upkeep-tab, the boxes on the right are what you would equip. So for example, copy a row from the Guns-list, and paste it in the field just right of one of the "Guns"-labels in the box to the right.

Do the same with Armor and vehicles. Type in your mob-count in the lower left of the box and voilĂ ! The total upkeep, cost, attack power and defense power will output in bold at the bottom of the box. There are 2 of each kind of inventory (guns, armor, vehicles), this is so that you could figure out what it would cost you to armor up with half your mob equipped with Police Scanners and the other half with Ultra Gun Scope's, for example. Just remember to set your mob count to half of what you have, first.

In the Business-tab, enter the amount of businesses you have and the current price of each business. The values of how many dollars (or pounds, or whatever) you gain in income per spent dollar will be in the small box on the right. To the right of that box are some statistics, like which business is the most valuable (gives the most bang for your buck) and the amount of income you have from each section (Joints, Real Estate, Industries).


I got five sheets of paper with all businesses and what income you get, all guns armours and vehicles with upkeep cost and attack defence stats, and what i maxxed armed up with last time. Then everything else gets worked out off that with pen and paper. Guess i must b old and out dated.....
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