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Server down= 40 pays not received again

I'm posting this in advance. Your servers down once again and I'm going to lose 40 payouts again. There has to be something we can do about this. If your gang meets the tier point requirement then 10 payout should be slated for that particular gang no matter what happens. Make it a new feature. Put it on the bosses responsibility list. Whatever needs to be done? You should not lose pays while running a gang and the gang met the tier points required especially when the the network is down.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused,

There was an unexpected technical error which affected our services for a while.

We have now resolved it and have rewarded 100 Gold bars/Diamonds as compensation, please collect them from your profile.

We have now duly noted own your valuable suggestion - we will surely look into the possibilities of implementing the same in the upcoming updates.

Thank you for your patience and kind cooperation.

That doesn't help a growing and loyal gang boss. It's really a slap in the face, throw a hundred diamonds to every account? That is literally two refills. I do that refill in less than one hour on the first night. You're not supposed to screw the customer over. The boss fights for 4 days and nights for a four hundred trillion + dollar pay and you give a inconsistent reward that doesn't amount to that type of income even in your most manipulative spreadsheet , unbelievable? That is why I referred to this as a reminder of what true cheap date is all about.
The technical mishap that hindered our services for a while was resolved in time.
We went through all the feedback and suggestions after the 100 diamonds were rewarded. 
As we found that most users were not happy with that, from the user suggestions Dynamic Next decided to have the 2X cash tourney which just finished.
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