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List of assignments' rewards

Hey there, Are there a complete and upgraded list of assignments and connected rewards provided upon completion? I noticed that some time ago an overview was posted on Facebook, but after the adding of China that one seems quite outdated. Cheers.

Chasing Arms of LawHarlemUnlimited Army Grade AmmoGives 5% Attack Boost
The Easy DeliveryEl BarrioADV-X Surveillance KitGives 3% Defense Boost
The Rescue PlanHell's KitchenThe ConsigliereIncreases Bank limit by 25%
A Few Bad MenHell's KitchenGeneral XIncreases Max. Mob and Merc in fights per level by 1
The Bank JobRoselandSelene10% chance of 2x Cash in Missions
Money TrainAuburnMoney Platesincreases income by 12%
Call of CartelThe LoopThe MedicineReduces Stamina timer by 15%. Get it from assignment: 'Call of Cartel'
Rumble in ChinatownThe LoopNinja RaiderIncreases Max. money loot in fights by 100%
The Mob BankComptonAccess KeyIncreases Bank limit by 400%
Roll of a DiceFremontThe HitlisterDoubles the Hitlist attack range. Get it from assignment: 'Roll of a Dice'
Taxing TroublesNorth LondonTax BondsReduces total upkeep by 6%
Bankers in DistressNorth LondonBank KeyIncreases Bank limit by 1000%
Lab Down UnderMoscowStamina BoosterReduces Stamina timer by 40%. Get it from assignment: 'Lab Down Under'
House of CorrectionalsSt. PetersburgShadowfaxIncreases chance of loot from Missions. Get it from assignment: 'House of Correctionals'
River of BloodMexico CityPurple FairyReduces Stamina timer by 15%. Get it from assignment: 'River of Blood' [Mexico].
Dogs of WarTepitoThe TrainerHalves the depletion rate of Training. Get it from assignment: 'Dogs of War'
The Surf RaidersSydneyThe SmugglerReduces total upkeep by 4%. Get it from assignment: 'The Surf Raiders' [Australia].

I am trying to loot selene but i am not able to find the bank job in roseland.  Where can i go to loot selene so that i can complete a mission on the moscow mission?

Interesting gameplay
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