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Account suspended

I have had 3 aacounts suspended the number showing on this 1 is 208616430172 , i haven't 2 my knowledge done anything wrong , and if u Wouldn't mind telling me what it is i have done , i see alot of people being banned with no explanation 

WiCkED I is now silenced.

wicked 1 is leaving foul n disgusting comments on 3k chestys devil dogs 4L

 i wish this verbal n sexually explicit comments, this has been ongoing because my name is disfunctional. on wicked 1 he pinned farming names n i fell into his squandries


image PLEASE ADDRESS THIS ISSUE. There are women n kids in my gang. thank you devs

I also cant find terms of service , its great u guys are banning people then ignoring them if people cant have multiple aacounts ye need 2 make it clear and stop ignoring the problem 

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