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Low level players with lots of captains?

Can someone explain how to acquire captains? I keep finding low level players with lots of captains. At first I thought they were purchased, but I can't find them through Gen Max. Then I thought they might be available via ops or spec ops, but sector 3 ops is required for spec ops and sector 3 ops requires level 20 to unlock everything. Even warzone captains require a higher lvl to advance (sector 4 requires lvl 21) and unlock more captains. Are captains awarded via promo codes or through RECCE? The attached screenshots are for a lvl 11 player with seemingly every captain available.
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Please note that there were limited sale items that includes captains which cannot be presently found under Gen. Max section.

Also, even if a person resets their account, all of the gold units remain in their possession.

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