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Racism and hurt players feelings

This guy name agon Cold call me a ni*ger couple of times and i delete his comments and soon my members told me that he was on their wall messing with them and i told them to block him and after that when he know he was block on my members feed he call me a hoe and that hurted me can you pl z ban him so me and my members can play this app in peace thx you

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One more thing Honey if the shoe fits wear it ,lol

Dev smarter than that Honey ,lol Lie #1 if somebody called you a nigger you would of screen shot since ur feeling are hurt ,Lie # 2 if you blocked him how he on ur wall calling u a hoe then to top it all off that this was just than attempt to get a DTM Legend banned  you say nevermind at bottom ,lmao!!!! Honey ur full of horse crap 

Nevermind it good now
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