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Multiple accounts

is there anything that can be done to prevent people using multiple accounts e.g filling up a gang and then feeding their "Main" character.. it creates an unfair advantage for other players and gangs during the Tournaments ... is there anything that can be done to prevent this? i have sufficient evidence to prove multiple accounts being used on chat box


Nothing keeps you from doing the same. Nothing unfair about it imho.

Well it's not right. That someone can destroy your game. It's not even fun anymore. This dude has like 3 accounts and is attacking me continuously. There should be a limit. He's been doing it for to weeks. I can't even participate in tournaments. It's like he knows when I fill my health. Like he's watching me. I may as well quit playing it this is how it's going to be. I never hit him to begin with. He just started and hasn't stopped. I hit back bad he starts again. Its not fun anymore
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