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the battle cry app add getting 50diamonds

On dtmafia I have seen if u add battle cry and play it u get 50 diamonds well I have played battle cry for awhile have leveled up to 23 when I go in to get my diamonds from dtmafia it won't let me have them Would like to get my diamonds thanks a lot

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I lvled to 5 in battle cry n never received diamonds. I registered n nothing. Please help ?
Same as the above comments in that I went through DTM and loaded Battlecr, got to level 12 but could not get my diamonds...
Well idfk then that must be a glitch
709 185 725 I've reached lvl 7 on battlecry but have not received diamonds. Both account are linked to my Facebook account
To get the diamonds you have to link both accounts to the same fb or google account
played battle cry till level 6 still no diamonds. 510 776 095
552341808 I played battle cry til lvl 5 like it said and i still didnt get my diamonds and i would like them please
676476510 im on level 7 on battlecry havnt recieved my diamonds

Please give us your dtm mob code.

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