Our friend Marco owns the local pub. Ones we boot Billy's goons from his pub, he will let us use his Pub to hire Mercenaries using our product. There are 4 types of Mercenaries available at the moment in the game namely

  • Goon
  • Thug
  • Firebird
  • Bazooka

Merc Camp

Merc camp is were Mercenaries will be accommodated and just like Mobs Mercs will also have their own individual assign space. There should be enough space available in the Camp to train the new Mercenaries.


Trained Mercs along with the Bosses will be available to be taken into the attack. Fight button at the Left bottom corner will take the player to the attack screen. On the left side, there will be three Buttons for Attack, Boss Fight, and Missions. Missions and Boss Fights will be available in the future builds. Fight window will have a list of co-players who are in your attack range. From there on clicking attack on any of the opponent will take the player to the opponents Hood. There you can analyse the Hood for 30Sec and then initiate the Fight by dropping the units. Units can only be dropped one cell outside the buildings. And once a building is destroyed players can drop the units over the current free space. Players will win an attack if they destroy the Mansion or destroy at least 50% of the opponents Hood. A star is Given for 50% Destruction and the second for Mansion Destruction and the third and final star is awarded for 100% destruction. The Loot available will be mentioned on the right top side of the screen.

Merc Workshops

Mercenaries can be trained at Merc Workshops, to improve their abilities and the feature will be available with future updates.