As you have booted Big Billy and his Thugs from your hood, it is time to build your own Mafia Empire. You can run your operations from your Mansion. Businesses and Product Labs should be in your priority list as they are essential in running your hood. Various Buildings and their running will be explained in detail here.


The mansion is the center of your hood. Destroying it will mean a win for the enemies. So always secure them and guard them with the best available Mobs and Bosses. Mansion will also let you store a good amount of Cash and Product. Upgrading your mansion will always reward you with opportunities to expand your businesses and other buildings and may also let you train your Crew further. Also, it is at Mansion, you can view your available Bosses.

Ammo Shop

Ammo shop is where you can Train your recruited Mobs. It will have a training space which can be improved with updates.

Marco's Pub

Marco is our buddy and he will help us run our product and will help us hire the best Mercenaries out there. It will have a training space of 20.


There are mainly three camps and they come with the associated vehicle.

  • Mob Camp

The recruited Mobs, when trained, will be assigned to the Mob Camp. Mob Camp by default will have a capacity of 10, which can be improved with future upgrades. Even if Mobs are assigned to other buildings they will still occupy their space at the Mob Camp.

  • Merc Camp

Similar to the Mob Camp, Mercenaries will be accommodated at the Merc Camp. It too has a space restriction and it can be improved with upgrades.

  • Boss Camp

Marco, Jane and the Bosses we obtain from the Boss Fights will be accommodated at the Boss Camp. Unlike the Merc and Mob Camp Boss camps doesn't have a space restriction even though Bosses need higher space requirements.

Storage Units

  • Product Depot

Products are stored here and players will not be able to assign Mobs to guard this unit. Hence, they should be shielded with the defensive units or the Guards in the neighboring buildings.

  • Stash Hose

Cash is stored in the stash house. Just like the product depot they also have no direct assign options. Adjacent buildings or Defensive units will have to provide them the protection.

Product Lab

Product lab cooks the product. They have "Assign space" of 1 and this enables the player to assign a Mob with 1 Space requirement to Guard the product lab.


There are multiple business buildings available. They will produce an hourly income by selling the products through them. Various business options are:

  • Taco Shop
  • Tattoo Parlour
  • Gym
  • Liquor Shop