You are back in your old hood and your old flame Jane tells you about the new gangs running the turf. Big Billy the local Mafia boss and his Goons are parading the streets and are even causing lots of troubles for your old-time buddy Marco. It is high time to recruit some Mobs and you must attack and flee these local goons from your Turf and reclaim it. You can have a rest at your Mansion once you fend off the retaliation from Big Billy with the help of Jane, Marco, and your newly trained Mobs.

Your focus must be on rebuilding your Hood into the best one in the world. Jane and Marco will join you in your venture. Recruit mobs and they can be trained to guard your hood and also to carry out missions for you. Marco can hook you up with Mercenaries through his Pub and these mercs can be used to take on Big Billy and the Local Bosses like him and the other neighboring hoods which are trying to outgrow you. You can loot Cash and Products from these hoods and Boss Towns. Always remember to train your Mercs and make them the best they can be and so with your Mobs.

Product and Cash run your hood. Cash can be earned by selling products through your Business and there are quite a variety of businesses you can set up in your hood. Never forget to assign Mobs to guard your businesses against enemy invasions. The product can be looted from enemies or can be grown in our own back yard through product labs. To earn some easy cash you can always visit the valley for some missions and let your Mobs carry out them for you. Mobs will consume cash every hour for their upkeep and it is very important that you maintain this cash flow intact to make sure you are running your hood perfectly.

On your way to the top of the world as the best Mafia Boss always remember to protect your base.