What is a Tournament?

Tournaments are Special Gang Events that let you win Special Items or Diamonds or Cash Bonus. 

To enter Tournament Arena, a Gang has to win a war while the tournament is on.

In a tournament all the Gangs get assigned to either or the two sides - RED or BLUE. To While the tournament is active Gangs of both the sides war each other to get points ( given based on war winning). 

In the last hours of the Tournament, it goes into 'HEAT MODE', during this time winning Gangs earn 2x points. Also, the Point Bar of RED vs BLUE goes in a hidden mode.

IMPORTANT: DOWNTOWN MAFIA is an international game with players from around the world. The colors (RED vs BLUE) assigned to the gangs during tournament is purely random and it does not represent association to any real world entities. 

Deathmatches, Turf Wars and normal Gang wars all contribute to the tournament points earned. But the points are only earned on winning a war from the Gang of the opposite color.  

At the end of the Tournament, the side with more points wins. All the gangs on the winning side that took part in wars and won get the tournament prize. 

Also, all the gangs irrespective of the side they are on get special cash bonus based on the points they earned.