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I can't post messages

It's been over 2 weeks can I have my message posting privileges back please I'll be good f*** s*** damn okay I'm done now I'll be

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Kindly contact along with your MOB code - If you already had, please mention the ticket#, we will get on it ASAP

Your chat censorship is EXTREMELY FLAWED! It blocks many words that are NOT vulgar or objectionable in any way. for example: a gang member wrote me they where sneezing badly. so i responded with :"GOD BLESS YOU" and it was blocked! REALLY ??? You have a problem with simple human courtesy and decency? Get the picture now?

Kindly report the situation with the specifics and a screenshot to

We will surely check into it and get back to you as soon as possible.

herescthe screenshot u wanted

If you haven't already, kindly create a ticket at If you have already submitted a ticket, please provide us with the ticket number for reference.

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