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Why do you all at poker legends cheat me so much? It's almost impossible to win a hand. Just look at the crap cards you constantly deal me. I'm dealt a 2 over 50% of the time. And then when you make a mistake and deal me decent cards, you disconnect me. You cheat and you know it. Poker legends is corrupt. Just go back and look at my last 50 hands. I hate shit like this. I know you are to cowardly to respond truthfully. You make sure the people who give you high ratings win. Pathetic.

POKER LEGENDS is a variation of the standard poker card game and provides you with a unique poker experience. All our tables are designed to deliver a perfectly balanced game  ow, for every user. Our professional testing team is regularly monitoring all areas of our game to ensure it's a safe and trustworthy environment for everyone. You may please utilize the MY REPLAY and FAIRPLAY STATS feature included in the menu drawer to understand the game more. [ FAIRPLAY STATS can be found under settings, scroll down ] Also, there is another feature included in the game, which you can access by clicking on the cards button that is found below the chips button on an active table [ Left side of the screen - vertically aligned buttons ]. Here, the order of the combination is listed based on the priority of the reward pool.

If any suspicious situation is found, please use the MY REPLAY feature (once the replay is done playing, click on MORE >

I totally disagree with this. I'm dealt fairly

Kindly share a screen recording with

A sore loser would post such a complaint. 

I believe you Mr Purvis I have the same problem too there is no one in the world that plays poker that's going to win 32 hands in a row nobody is statistically impossible unless they're cheating so maybe the people that are cheating work for you so you will make people purchase more coins well guess what that's not happening here so what I'm going to do is when I run out of money on his game I'm going to uninstall it and I'm going to write a review that you're going to regret
And anybody that says that people are mad because they're losing n***** I'm not going to keep losing every hand I play so you can take all of my money and then you think it's funny you guys are cheaters liars and you say the same thing over and over again you wouldn't know a fair play game if it walked up and slapped you in the face y'all are cheaters all y'all work together to make to try to make people purchase more money well guess what no and guess what review is going to be terrible baby I'm going to make sure nobody plays this game no more I'll have it taken off the air worst thing that I hate worse than Liars is a damn cheater cheaters Pirates and hackers that's all you got planned in there stealing people's money hard-earned money you don't even want to play the game you can't enjoy it you supposed to enjoy your game that you download on your phone or your tablet or your computer you can't enjoy this game cuz everybody in the game is cheating so if you say it's fair play and you got people watching within those people that are watching are the ones that's cheating!

Poker Legends is a unique variation of the standard poker card game. Our tables are meticulously designed to provide a balanced gameplay experience for all users. We have a dedicated team of professionals who regularly monitor every aspect of our game to ensure a safe and reliable environment.

To enhance your understanding of the game, we encourage you to utilize the MY REPLAY and FAIRPLAY STATS features available in the menu drawer. By accessing these features, you can gain insights into the game mechanics and the frequency of 7-card poker hands. You can also compare these statistics with our daily Fair Play Stats on probability.

In case you come across any suspicious situations during gameplay, please utilize the MY REPLAY feature. Once the replay is finished, click on MORE >

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