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new mercs

Quick question.. If you buy mr chainzman and the chef mercs will you get the benefit of both? What I mean is when your attacking will mr. chainzman be prominent and allow to use all his weapons and when your attacked will mr chef be dominate allowing you to use all his attributes?

Or is the higher Merc always dominant for the account

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Your question seems to indicate that you do not know how mercs work in general (no offense intended). Mercenaries are like additional mob members, but they come with a few benefits that set them apart from a regular mob member:

  • A mercenary has built-in attack and defense values;
  • most mercenaries can utilize more weapons, armor, and/or vehicles than a mob member;
  • the number of mercenaries you bring into a fight is unlimited.

As such, even if you were something low like a level 2 account, you could bring 999,999 mercenaries with you to a fight, simply because there is no cap on how many mercenaries you can use, and you will receive the benefits of each one regardless of whether you are attacking or defending.

That all said, in case it isn't clear, the attack and defense strength for mercs is not a multiplier. It is just an additional amount that is added to your overall attack and defense strength when fights are calculated. So, if I have a merc with +20 attack and +5 defense, that doesn't mean the weapons that merc uses deal 20% more damage. It just means that, overall, my total attack strength has an additional 20 added onto it. This is identical to how weapons, armor, vehicles, and specials work in the sense that if I bring 100 weapons with +5 attack, 100 armors with +1 attack, and 100 vehicles with +2 attack, my total attack strength is 500 + 100 + 200 = 800 (before skill points and training levels are factored in). So, if I also own a merc that hasĀ +20 attack and +5 defense, then my total attack strength (before considering skill points and training levels) is 820.

Considering this, your question doesn't make a lot of sense, because all attributes for your mercenaries are factored into the attack/defense independent of one another.

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