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I don't know what you want to do but I don't appreciate being harassed on your downtown mafia game Monday through Friday Monday through Sunday morning noon and night Morning Noon evening night Morning Noon evening night and next morning at 1 in the morning so I had to turn my sound off on the game just a bill to sleep but there's people on there with names called I hurt you going around that I neglect my kids going around saying I'm using my kids there's a girl on there named sarabella going around telling me I'll be home in a bit and I'm jealous of her there's people copying my username and my husband's username red ruby and blood Piru attacking me constantly running their mouth on my comment while everybody's comment wall keeps on the drama and harass me everyday but one thing I don't put up with people going around talking about people's kids that I abused my kids that I neglect my kids that my kids are special needs Nobody knows nothing about nobody on that game and all everyone do is sit on that game all day long everyday talking on the comment wall they don't even play the game just harass me everyday I've reset my account made new names to reset my account made another name reset my account made another one reset my account reset my account reset my account my husband took all his stuff off his thing because he don't want to deal with the drama either but I think you need to take down the comment wall but you need to monitor the comet walls on everyone that played that game
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