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problem with getting on the game and navigating the game

My family and i are having problems getting on the game and also while on the game navigating the game. Is there problems with the server

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Haveing the same problem. Keyboard won't come up,game freezes/lags,server wont pick up!!
That's why I posted here hopefully devs can fix the problem which seems ti effect the mobile aspect of the game

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Ya i hope so! Hopefully they'll fix it and give DTM a new update!
They have already updated it when they added emicons under the help?
Well apparently it needs another one! U and i are not the only people having troubles i have 6 friends that play with me and they all have the same problem as we do and it all started about noon on Saturday! For me it was today!
I was playing all the way up to 1:30pm PST on Saturday and I tried to get on around 3:30pm PST Saturday and couldn't get on at first then I was able to get on but now I can't navigate anywhere and I also have family and friends that is affected too.
I have the same problem and its causing us to reach ace... FIX THE GAME
I just left a ticket/request with devs about five minutes ago and I'm waiting to hear from them. it said they will reply within 24 hours
Cant login.. wth is going on with dtm
R u on mobile or computer jeremey

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Im on a tablet
Then u r on the mobile aspects of the game like me and the others. This problem seems to only affect this aspect of the game cuz i have friends on computers that are not having any problems

I tried getting on first on my Phone then on my computer.  It was having trouble connecting to the server on both.  It happened at the worst time too, I was fighting the Mexico City boss and had him down to 4 hp left.  I had 23 energy and 10 min.  I could not do anything about it.  i kept hitting attack then it would change to push, punch,k.o. like it does, but not one hit counted.  My energy kept going up every 50 seconds, but ever time i tried to attack I got the unable to reach server message.  Its not the end of the world since I dont have to use diamonds to defeat him.  It comes down to the last minutes though.  It just irritates me that I set an alarm every 3hrs and 45 min so that my energy doesn't overlap and get wasted.  It takes just over 4 hours for me to have full energy and just under 16 hrs to defeat him.  Guess I'll just have to redo it tomorrow.

Well i understand your situation cuz my gang hnr another gang and we lost it cuz if this problem but it just must have hit the computer version a little bit ago cuz my friend in Pakistan wasn't having problems getting on his computer.
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