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i am have a issue with lie an personal info being put on game

i had lies about my life an personal stuff being put on the game i had two reset becuz of it the player are called itsjil hells knight saybaby ladyof death ax jillian herandez u check i am crazy thor i was almighty zeus i got screen shot of them swear talk about my family making fun cuz i am a cripple they even sending pic two other player with only half the story

check my rivals walls devs u see the player that have bin write stuff about my life
DEVS will just say That You Shouldn't give out Personal Information.. unfortunately, some People in this game Make fun of Others so They Can feel Better About Themselves..
I have seen what has happened. To go as far as sharing personal information, humiliation and sharing another's pictures is over the top. It should be dealt with,
make them get rid of the pin msg devs it nt rite

You should send them an email, include your mob code.

This is the community help section - I'm not sure the devs check this very often.

thank u bro
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