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Is there a normal login for pc

It only comes up with link to google account or faceboook account

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The game is great I think most people Love it

We are happy to know that you enjoy playing Poker Legends. Thank you very much for this lovely review. Please share with your friends about the game and what they are missing out on. More updates are in the pipeline. Enjoy playing and have a wonderful time ahead.

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That's great reviews I all play this game antill I grow old I want to know how far I will go Thanks Will Johnson

You may please utilize the MY REPLAY and FAIRPLAY STATS feature included in the menu drawer to understand the game more. [ FAIRPLAY STATS can be found under settings, scroll down ] If any suspicious situation is found, please go use the MY REPLAY feature - once the replay is done playing, click on MORE >

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I told this game was amazing but I was wrong, you people have blocked my Account from chatting with others For no reason, restricting my account Like I have done something wrong for what reason, you people should fix This mistake, I have never received any email from Dev about the reason why the restricted my account I'm not really happy about that at all
Hey please can you tell what does mob code mean I really don't know

Mob code is the unique code of your account, in recruit tab.

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