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Harassment An threats

I'm getting tired of going onto battlecry An facing threats,racist behavior,more threats. Now I'm stalked by idiots that won't let alone I blocked six idiots An still they harass me An threatening An stalk me. I got bulgar dirty language all over my two walls of my account's I'm getting tired of things. No one deserves this type of behavior at all yet ppl can't quit with the insults,harassment An whatnot

This ongoing I was also being harassed and vulgarities put on my wall what did devs do? They silenced culprit now I'm getting harassed to the point that I can't play game because I never have enough health. Play by the rules and get punished

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There are complete douche bags on here. Haven't been threatened but the one was a complete moron , did I retaliate and stoop to his grade 3 level , yep eye for an eye. But man every day posted and multiple hits. I hit can't win so I just post but this stupid game only has allowed about 3 posts in a day and that's it. Blocked him from. Posting on mine but it's constant hits. Game is getting lame.
Was playing a game and because no report button me and my other half encountered harrasment, threats, a massive pervert who was also racist.
There always like this,yet we say anything to devs were snitches so they fully admit their folly of their ways is wrong yet they don’t care. Racism all of it runs rampant on this game for years devs doesn’t do anything only in it for money.

i was also getting it and my player got removed from the game and i sent a screen shot of what was on my wall and that player only got muted

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