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Overpowered Diamond Accounts

People have brought this up several times, but DynamicNext really needs to do something about the extremely overpowered diamond accounts. I encountered one such account and I decided to screenshot it and then work out the cost the gear it has:

Obviously, just at first glance, this account looks like it has had quite a lot of money spent on it, but let's break this account down:

- 100 event weapons

- 100 event armor items

- 3500 M23 Mines

- 100 event vehicles

- 5100 Lotus Evoras

- 1722 event mercenaries

The diamond cost of the various items, from what I have seen, are as follows:

- Event Weapons: 70 diamonds

- Event Armor Items: 80 diamonds

- Event Vehicles: 75 diamonds or 85 diamonds (depending on vehicle; let's just average this to 80 diamonds)

- M23 Mines: 60 diamonds

- Lotus Evora: 65 diamonds

- Event Mercenaries: 90 diamonds

So, let's work out the total diamond cost for this account:

- Event Weapons: 7000 diamonds

- Event Armor Items: 8000 diamonds

- Prem Vehicles: 7500 or 8500 (averaged to 8000) diamonds

- M23 Mines: 2,100,000 diamonds

- Lotus Evora: 3,315,000 diamonds

- Event Mercenaries: 154,980 diamonds

This totals to 5,592,980 diamonds (give or take 500 diamonds for different event vehicle costs).

Okay, so what does this cost in real money? Well, let's say these diamonds were purchased during holiday specials, when DTM gives the best diamond deals. During these specials/sales, a player can purchase 6,672 diamonds for $99.99 USD. This means if all of the diamonds were purchased during holiday specials, the total cost to buy the 5,592,980 would be roughly $83,819.25.

Now, I am not saying it is impossible that a player spent $83.8k USD on in-game diamonds, but this seems ridiculous and highly improbable, right? More importantly, though, how are those of us who do not have $83,819.25 USD supposed to compete with people like this?!

DynamicNext, something needs to be done about this, and accounts like this need to be investigated. I am not saying players like these are necessarily cheating somehow, but I think we can all agree that it seems unlikely players like this have spent that much money on their account(s). If they actually have purchased these diamonds legitimately, though, then how is this fair even to your paying players who do purchase diamonds? Surely those of us (like me) who purchase diamonds occasionally are not spending $83.8k USD, so how are we to compete. When it comes to fighting accounts like this, it seems that it is just a game of who has the bigger wallet. That is not a equal playing field and that removes the fun from the game. Something needs to be done about accounts like this.


We have explained it before but we will explain again. A player who has been playing for 4 years can spend that much. So, divide your number by 4. And we do regularly check accounts to see if anything is wrong. Old time users would know that if any account tries anything fraudulent, we do take action. 


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That doesn't explain how ppl without money to put in e game are supposed to compete, not to mention others that only spend a few hundred a month.. ??
Accounts that spend that sort of money this is there life.. sad I know but that is how it is im will always see that accounts like this never build high defence so just buy high defence gear... If you was to focus all your sp onto attack, remember sp over powers diamond gear hands down , hence why Devs are so tight with them. You will eventually beat them with the correct structure of mercs. Brains beats money, it's a maths game not who has the shiniest credit card. 

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I find several things questionable. 1. The 4 year explanation...that would still be 20k a year spent on an app game. While that is possible it does seem rather fishy. 2. The diamond gear could be acquired over time...but what makes me question the validity of screen shotted account is the special merc (lady in santa hat) at 1622 amount. That amounts to 100k+ diamonds. Again it is possible I do find that unlikely. Also if there were only one account like that...maybe...but when I see many accounts like that it makes me wonder.
I have seen accounts like that. I thought they were Developer accounts. I can't imagine anyone spending roughly 1,600 a month on a game app. I think they'd have to be extremely desperate to win and might need some kind on counseling or they just got it like that and 1,600 a month is chump change.
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