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some ideas and questions new in this game. I have some ideas and questions for game. Ideas 1. Game needs more troops. Next troop would be some pirate who steals rescoures. 2. Walls. Is in this game gonna be walls? It would be nice. I have some ideas for wall "tools": in blacksmith player would make some tools what help breaking walls. Something like expensive bomb or some wall breaker. And defender would make some "upgrades" to crossbow and other defensives, like iron bullets or something. questions 1. Is here anyone who answer to tjis question/s? 2. When is next upgrade? Whats coming to. Game in next upgrade? 3. Keep this game up, its good. 4. Who is right now best player in this game? Do you see it anywhere, developer? Leaderboards would be nice. And alliances in future.

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1) We have already introduced 'Big Foot' and we assure you there are many more to come :)

2) We do plan to introduce walls... just figuring out how much impact it would have in the game play.

We will be adding advanced features like alliances and leaderboards once we have fine tuned the basic game play. Stay tuned.

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Hi,i want to know,after have a change language?Because i dont understand the story in english aboutabout the relics,thanks for you answer.

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why i cant play every time when i attack every 5 seconds  is whriting unable to reach server  and also no one attaks to me 

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